Leopard Hand Fan


Make a fanfare and stand out from the crowd!

Unleash your inner wildcat with the Fantale Leopard Fan – both sides are turquoise, with a hot pink print.

Fan Features:

– Each fan features a double-sided design
– Each fan is highly durable thanks to its tough bamboo structure
– Each fan is constructed using luxurious printed silk
– Each fan is 26.5cm in length when it’s folded
– Each fan has a span of 47cm when it’s unfolded

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Fantale fans are made from luxurious printed silk, unlike other hand fans they are uniquely double-sided for maximum style and impact.

Our premium super-strong jet black bamboo bones mean they don’t break easily.

The strength of these combined with the silk creates a beautiful breeze.

Finished with love, the Fantale logo is delicately engraved on the front of the bamboo to let the natural fibre shine through.

Each fan is 26.5cm in length when folded, and has a span of 47cm when unfolded.

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