Our Fan Tale

Every Fan Tells a Story

New Zealand’s native fantail (piwakawaka) birds and a love of storytelling inspired the creation of Fantale Fans.

After coming up with the idea Fantale’s Kiwi creative director Anna-Louise Taylor, who lives in Bristol, UK set to work bringing the concept to life.

After honing the design of the fan and developing the visuals, Fantale fans were officially unveiled at a Bristol launch party in Summer 2018.

Fantale fans

Fantale fans are made from luxurious printed silk and unlike other hand fans they’re uniquely double-sided for maximum style and impact.

Fantale fans were created to help fancy friends stay cool in the hottest places; raves, festivals, during a heatwave, at the beach, by the pool, on a summer holiday or even public transport – a godsend on a hot London Tube!

As summer temperatures rise, you’ll fall in love with the soothing breeze of a fantale fan. You’ll make waves with a strong fan, a flamboyant flick and a designer print! Design inspiration for our fans comes from music, fashion, food, nature, art, dance and travel.

Printed silk fans

Fantale fans are created using super-strong bamboo bones meaning they’re built to last and don’t break easily.

The durability of the bamboo combined with the luxurious silk helps create a beautiful breeze – perfect for a hot summer’s day in Bristol, London, Europe, New Zealand or wherever you holiday.

Finished with love, the Fantale logo is delicately engraved on the front of the bamboo to let the natural fibres shine through.